126 – Spit! January 18, 2019

January 18, 2019


In today’s episode Scott and David recount the 2nd most famous fight that took place at Surf Expo (not Chas and Ashton!), they analyze the worth of surfing’s most visible pro surfers, and they discuss the strengths and failures of da 2019 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. Plus Dukes, Kooks and so much more. Enjoy!

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Ashton punched Chas

In case you missed the original altercation in 2018 . . .

and the recap of the 2019 punch

And the AJW vs Hayden showdown at Surf Expo

Regarding losing one’s trademark due to lack of specific branding . . .


Click HERE for full article on StabMag.com

And HERE to see Stab’s Rich List

Kai Lenny – $1,068,000

Steph Gilmore: $1.6

Jordy Smith: $1.73

Kanoa: $1.85

Kolohe: $1.95

Filipe: $2.57

Julian: $2.84

Mick: $2.9

Gabriel: $3.52

JJF: $5.32



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” WAVE OF A LIFETIME ” This week has been so special💯 Still couldn’t believe it i made this wave⚡️⚡️⚡️ Super stoked🔥 I just wanna say thank you so much to @dahuiofficial @hawaiianwaterpatrol and MUCH RESPECT to All THE PIPELINE WARRIORS まさかの12点満点に総合3位! ずっと鳥肌全開でした! この世界の歴史あるコンテストで 2年連続このような結果を残せたことを凄く誇りに思います! 応援してくださった皆さん 本当にありがとうございました! 半端じゃなく神秘的な空間を チームジャパンのみんなと 経験できたことは一生忘れません! 宝物です! チームジャパン!! @barreljunky @shunmurakami @kaitoohashi @taichiwakita @shinpeihoriguchi 心の底からありがとう!! 本当に最高でした!!! Team Japan Special Sponsor by @freaksstore_official OKUTA THE BEACH スポンサーして頂き深く感謝致します🙏🏽 #dahuibackdoorshootout #banzaipipeline #teamjapan #12pt #3rd #侍 #🇯🇵 🎥 @landonhayashi

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Scott’s Pick: Rocky Cannon for his contributions to the commentary of da 2019 Da Hui Backdoor Shoot Out

David’s Pick: Tyler Newton for overcoming vice, recommitting to surfing, and winning the 2019 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

  • Mug Of Sunshine

    Regarding overseas production. Can’t remember which one of you has said it but it relates to the fact that although Firewire can produce a board for $120 they keep their price point way up there with the DHD’s, Channel Islands etc and whether or not you agree with that margin at least it’s not devaluing homegrown boards. Unfortunately there’s a dangerous precedent being set here in Australia (it might also be the case in the US but I wouldn’t know). A discount retail outlet is selling boards from respected shapers such as Dahlberg, Phil Myers (Free Flight (Col Smith)) and Dave Veral (Diverse) at hugely ‘discounted’ prices. These boards are all made in Indonesia and to be fair there’s no obfuscation of this fact. What concerns me is that legitimate shapers have signed up to have their shapes made and finished, shipped to Australia and sold for substantially less than your Merrick’s, Handley’s or Firewires for that matter.

    Doesn’t that devalue their product? And by association other top shapers? I guarantee that if I went to Rodney (Dahlberg) and asked him to hand shape me a board he would charge more than the $499 (Australian!!) that Sideways outlets are asking (the prices on their website don’t reflect the discounts that happen store by store by the way). If pressed would they concede that the boards from Indo are of lesser quality than their’s made in their own factorys, or have they now stopped providing a custom service? So many questions.. but I’m not convinced it’s beneficial for the board industry in any way shape or form.

    My beef? I make boards for my buddys. They like them and the keep coming back. I work out a margin that pays for the materials (not the man hours) for me to make myself another board (and ocasionally afford a carton of beer). Sideways are selling boards for the same price.

    Thank you for the content. I truly appreciate the fact that it’s availbale for free and I promise you one of these days when I’m not fighting a lawsuit any more and can spare a few bucks they will be coming your way. I do and have been for at least 4 years, buy Need products but would love to help more. For now please accept my gratitude.


  • Scott J Anderson

    Ya boys!
    Love your work, although this particular episode seemed more of a miss than normal.
    The refrain about board building going offshore being “like every other industry” is so tired. In the 27 years I have been in board building I have yet to see anyone draw a successful analogy from “any another industry” to board building. (perhaps Scott Bass in this podcast the most successful with windsurfing – look what happened there)
    Surfing is a (sub)culture and subsequently multi-billion dollar & publically traded industry built on the backs of passionate craftsmen. And those craftsmen are still being revered by the (dwindling) core of the culture. There is no other significant industry/culture built directly off the people and personalities building the products.
    This latest trajectory with outside equity taking over the woozle (WSL) to de-emphasize the ocean for the pool, constantly about their offshore board “technology” and “eco” over craft and the culture of surfing is by design melding with the experience of buying a soft top at Costco. Completely stripped of everything that makes surfing different and special.
    Lastly on the JJF v, GM pay disparity. You guys do know a private company (Rip Curl) would be able to pay like a “family”, while a publically traded company (Hurley) is bound to a marketing budget based of % of earnings and stockholder expectations of growth.
    Hence why Scott B said you see Hurley “everywhere” (growth expectations) while you only see RC on “surfers”.
    Hurley worn by Johnny inlander is why JJF gets the big bucks, it’s a % of sales. And it doesn’t help that Gabby’s main sphere of influence is in Brazil to which RC is likely limited to revenue from a licensee as Brazil is ultra-protectionist with 100% import duties.
    It’s not a company “loving” on one guy more than another, it’s simple math.

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