125 – Spit! January 8, 2019

January 9, 2019

In today’s show Scott and David analyze when it’s appropriate to burn someone and how meditation will help absolve you. They discuss the increasing need for diversity in the boardroom at the WSL and they envision the greatest surf event of 2020 taking place in Austin, Texas. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more! Enjoy!

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When is it okay to burn a buy?

How to: Meditate


Link to full story HERE



Scott: Whomever branded The Da Hui Backdoor Shoothout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku with the word “The”. Except that seems to be an error on Scott’s behalf (or maybe was an error by the author of the article he was reading) because here’s the listing on their website . . .

David: the production quality of the broadcast. We need concise recaps or, at least, the highlights!!


Nate Adams, along with a wishful recovery of his broken back that he sustained in a freak accident while shooting photos in Jamaica.

And HERE’s the link to support Nate’s recovery

  • E-Wing Fighter Pilot

    The issue with mainland US is similar to the issue in Australia that the kids coming out of these places don’t have to chase it and work as hard for it. The top Aussie surfers are all coming from the same boys club in QLD/Northern NSW and aren’t having to chase waves, everything is handed to them, even the waves.

    Mainland USA is similar with all of them coming from the beaches of a California but the WSL has even shown that the best location for an event in the US is in a pool! Before that the top mainland events at Trestles and Huntington don’t express a tough hardworking playground to surf.

    I can’t see anyone outside Brazil and Hawaii winning a world title for
    The next 5 years.

  • E-Wing Fighter Pilot

    As a consumer I want to watch all 11 events, but in the best waves and with the top 20 surfers. I can get all the other content off Instagram.

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