101 – Spit! December 27, 2017

December 28, 2017


In our final episode of 2017, Scott and David reflect on the year and outline ambitions for 2018. They also explain why JJF will never be a Pipe Master, why we should all be watching Supercross, analyze whether the tortoise will beat the hare at the 2020 Olympics, laugh at the hilarity of Instagram’s new Rio de Janeiro filter, and acknowledge that the WSL’s owner is this generation’s Bob Dylan. Oh, and they celebrate this year’s Kooks and Dukes. Enjoy!


Bassy’s truck gets stolen!

David discovers vinyl.


Is JJF the most casual world title winner of all time?

Read Nick Carroll’s article on Surfline.com or click the image below . . .

Did the best surfer in the world in 2017 win the 2017 world title?

Did the best surfer of the 2017 Pipe Masters win the 2017 Pipe Masters?

Was Gabe’s Block Legal? No.


Curious how surfers will be eligible for the 2020 Olympics? Here’s the qualification system. CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON SURFLINE

20 surfers total

10 top-ranked surfers on the 2019 CT
4 finalists from the 2019 World Surfing Games
4 finalists from the 2020 World Surfing Games
1 winner of the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima
1 slot reserved for Japan

8 top-ranked surfers on the 2019 CT
5 finalists from the 2019 World Surfing Games
5 finalists from the 2020 World Surfing Games
1 winner of the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima
1 slot reserved for Japan


Call him Judas now, but maybe this is still just Act One.


David’s: Culture Shifters with Jake Burghart

Culture Shifters With VICE’s Jake Burghart from STAB on Vimeo.

Scott’s: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

also check out Chef’s Table


Scott’s: The bystanders who didn’t help the drowning people at Duranbah. CLICK HERE 

David’s: 2017’s proliferation of skimming on waves


Scott’s: The Mad Huey’s (Dean and Shaun Harrington) for saving drowning victims on Christmas Day. FULL STORY HERE

David’s: Jeremy Flores for his dogged determination and resilience while “battling the system”. CLICK HERE

  • griffin

    What was that Machado/Tudor video you mentioned?

  • in tubo veritas

    Jeremy is the man dude..the tour so badly needs more surfers like him.
    Do you guys think there was any discussion in the booth about Gabriel interfierence?

  • Josh Yates

    They’ve been random drug testing along with the standard random breathe testing in Australia for few years now. For the drugs, including marijuana, they take a road side swab of the mouth. If they detect anything, you then have to have secondary testing which would be a urine or a more comprehensive swab test. You can opt for a blood test if you want, mainly if the secondary test comes back positive. That obviously drags the whole thing out though.

    So they could possibly doing that in your part of the world.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    You posed the question on instagram whether or not the WSL crushed it in 2017! It crushed any faith I had that it wasn’t rigged very early in the year! The push that Owen got in the first event, (notably getting smoked by Fanning in one heat, only for the judges to give it to Owen)! This was followed up in short order in Bells by Zekes interfence call! There was no satisfactory explanation for this at all! After these two events it was clear that if the judges weren’t completely inept then they were either betting themselves on the results or the whole thing was scripted (the irony of the “you cannot script this” tagline)! I didn’t watch much of the tour after that, its a farce, not much more legitimate that WWE! Yes we got the champion the people wanted, but at what cost?

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