099 – Spit! November 14, 2017

November 15, 2017

On today’s episode of Spit!, tempers flare when Scott and David debate whether specific ethnic groups should be granted priority access to events exclusively based on heritage. They then explore vulnerability by admitting their fears in head-high barrels, extoll the virtues of the high-performance shortboard, ponder the potential of precisely replicating a “magic” board, and give tips for how to protect your local coastline from billionaire developers. We’re solving all the big issues, one podcast at a time. Oh, and Duke’s, Kooks, Must-See Moments and more. Enjoy!


Hello David & Scott,

I have a theory I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts on.

Both Gabe Medina and Carissa Moore are former world champs that were having an off year up until these last 2 events, Carissa was in 7th, Gabe in 9th. Gabe has won his last two events and Carissa has made the last two finals, winning the former. Now they are both in the World Title conversation. So . . . what happened to them before these two amazing final runs in Europe? They both won the Future Classic at Slater’s Surf Ranch

Is The Wave Pool a magical place that helps the best surfers (or surfers that have hit a slump in other conditions) find their groove back and tap into their pure and technical form.

Crazy conspiracy? Complete coincidence? Or does surfing a perfect, reeling wave without any question mark conditions (no rocks in the middle of the pool yet) help surfers in a slump realize what they’re capable of?”

Aleks Biskis

In regard to the Surf Ranch, why are the old dude’s surfing it so much better than the young bucks?


Impressive longboarding, but was it the right board choice?


North Shore locals have scheduled a meeting in a parking lot to discuss how to get more Hawaiian surfers into the Triple Crown. Should special accommodations be made for the locals?

#Repost @zorelator (@get_repost) Like I said before, we need to come up with a better system than the one the @wsl already has. A lot of very good surfers get left out of the Triple Crown every year because they don’t have the money or sponsors to travel the world to get points. This is the only place in the world that it happened to this degree. There are way more surfers now than there were 20 or 30 years ago and everyone deserves a chance and traveling is only getting more expensive everyday. #SupportOurLocalSurfers ・・・ PLEASE JOIN DA HUI AT VLAND PARK TODAY AT 11:00 A.M. It’s time to RALLY & ORGANIZE. We will meet to discuss the limitations the @wsl Wsl is putting on local wave riders being pushed aside to foreigner surfers in their own breaks here in Hawaii. ALL PROFESSIONAL SURFERS / PROFESSIONAL BODY BOARDERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THIS SATURDAY. If you are heading to a path of Professional Surfing Bring your ideas & ALO)(A. More info coming tomorrow. Please Feel Free To REGRAM & SPREAD DA WORD. Mahalo 👊🏾🤙🏾 Any questions you can DM @mahinadahui808 #Repost @dahui8o8

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Sunny’s retort . . .

The Eddie will go, but without Quiksilver

Link to the full article on Surfer.com

Clyde Aikau by Zak Noyle

Caroline Marks is the youngest surfer ever to qualify for the world tour.

Click here for the full article on WorldSurfLeague.com


and Andrew Cotton got absolutely detonated, breaking his back in the process.

Link to an exclusive interview with Andrew Cotton on MagicSeaweed.com



Shane Dorian’s son and Kelly Slater’s godson, Jackson Dorian gets the golden ticket!


Ramon Navarro for having his local coastline protected as a World Surf Reserve.

Link to the story on Patagonia.com

And link to the excellent interview on Surfline by Christian Beamish

  • Willy

    One of the best episodes so far. I loved the discussion about making an exact copy of a board. The Hawaii argument was great too.

    You are constantly growing, I love it!

  • Willy

    Do you have a group on Fantasy Surfer for the listeners?

  • Matt

    LOVE Sunny’s response. If there is one guy they needed to hear from, loud and clear, it’s Sunny.

  • griffin

    I enjoyed when you guys got in to the weeds of board design
    and building in this episode regarding Scott’s magic board copy. Did he end up
    going with futures for the fins boxes? That is definitely more interesting to me
    than hearing you gripe about the inadequacies of the WSL format, judging,
    schedule or whatever. On the longboard front, do you guys feel like they are
    only appropriate in small surf? Or is it more determined by the wave and spot?

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