In today’s episode of Spit! David and Scott recap the Billabong Pro Tahiti, declare their updated World Title picks, lament the loss of their youth, David pans the new film “Given”, Scott discovers the new Alana, and then the boys find solace in their mutual distaste for Mikey Wright. Oh! And don’t forget about Dukes, Kooks, and their Must-See Moment! Enjoy!


Leave us a comment, maybe we’ll read it on-air, like this one from Skinny Occy,

“You guys ever discuss the dichotomy of never ever having so much available surfing content that its not only like drinking out of a fire hose and becoming boring, but at the same time because of the format, its so fleeting that, unlike when you could hold a magazine in your hand and study the pics over and over again, it also feels like there is a lack of true tangible quality content and instead its just a never ending parade of 5 second flashes and then they are gone? I’m old, but to me the whole cratering of traditional and “manged” surfing media (mainly mags and traditional movies) to social self directed media seems like something to dissect.”

“I like it, but hate it at the same time – social media and the demise of mags. Easy and free access to it, but oddly bored of seeing the same stuff (ironically perfect waves and bitchin boards) over and over again, not being able to readily find something i liked because it disappeared already into never never social media land, so on and so forth. then again, who really cares?”


Y tho?


Link to article

Link to Richard Kenvin’s Hydrodynamica

Link to a Surfline story on Kenvin


Filipe is still unproven in barrel left reefbreaks

Congrats to the most technically sound surfer on tour, Julian Wilson


This trailer (from 5 years ago) was so amazing! What went wrong? Listen to the podcast to find out!


Asher Pacey for riding updated “old” surfboard designs, securely fastened in old-school style while adding radical flare to the function.



Gabriel Medina/The Judges for not giving priority to Kolohe after Gabriel blocked him from catching this wave.



Strider “Raspberry” Wasileski, not only for vastly improving his commentary, but also for hulking into Teahupo’o pits inbetween heats!!

  • Captain Clark

    On the given flick. I got some of the same things as you, total throw together hodge podge. What I did get was (guessing) the just of the trip was to sort of do the same pilgrimage that the dad had done with his father as a kid. Other than that it missed the mark for me as well. Another entertaining pod!

    • Rickysick

      I thought the same thing. However my 6 year old daughter loved it, so I was thinking maybe they threw something together for kids to watch.

    • I think that films work best when a (singular) visionary develops a concept and then sees it through to the end. This feels like it had a meandering concept to start with (over 5 years ago), was shot sporadically, various people offered suggestions for the concept during and after shooting, and then a separate production team signed on to finish the film. Again, all total speculation, but it just comes across that way to the viewer. That said, I’d love to know about Aamion, Daize, Aamion’s dad, etc. Tons of opportunity for storytelling there.

  • Isho Tama-Sweet

    Great episode as always.
    1. I thought the US already named a surf coach a few months ago. 10% chance this is inspired outside the box thinking. 90% chance of Bobby going Bobby.

    2. In my opinion the men’s CT should follow the Women’s format. 18 surfers, 27 heats, can run in 14 hours. With good waves and jet skis, they could do 25 min heats and run in 12 hours. The bottom 4 go to the QS, and top 4 QS come to the CT. No backdoor qualification for CT guys.

    3. Does longboarding without a leash off-set wearing a helmet? Or make it worse?

    Keep up the great work! 👍👏

    • 1) I remember reading that April 1st and actually falling for it, but also thinking “WTF is happening?”

      2) Agreed.

      3) The leash conversation is an interesting one. Personally, I prefer surfing without one, but I definitely err on the side of caution and safety. Any injury that happens to a child (or any human) in the shorebreak due to a lost surfboard is senseless and totally avoidable. So does it offset the helmet? No. In fact, it’s an oxymoron! Wearing the helmet to project one’s self while potentially sending a projectile into unsuspecting others! Strap up, Isho!

  • Adam Logan

    Yeah freakin guy,

    So, on CTs. Why not run Kelly’s overlapping heat format at every stop. Run the event in half the time and makes heat watching live way more palatable. Who wants to see 8 waves ridden in 30 mins. More action please. 2 man heats kill the viewing experience.

    Secondly, found it interesting that you think WSL might “script” a title for Jordy. Casually suggesting match fixing and casting aspersions on the judges integrity. Maybe you didn’t mean it like that, but it sure came across that way!

    I enjoyed it as always, and find myself yelling at my car radio sometimes in agreeance and sometimes in disagreement!!

    Ps. Bassy, you need to work on your Aussie accent, mate!

    • Shoot. I didn’t suggest “scripting” a title for Jordy, did I? Maybe it was Bass? I can’t recall!

      The overlapping heat format is genius! You’re right. It works so well at Pipe, why not run it elsewhere? I like it.

  • Rickysick

    Hey guys love the show. I am curious whether you guys watched the Albee layer movie nervous laughter and what your thoughts were?

    • I have not seen it, nor was I inclined to. Not sure why not. Should I see it?

      • Rickysick

        For a 90 minute feature the story lines running through the film kept me hooked the whole time. I also enjoyed the banter between all the surfers just talking smack with each other, plus the surfing is amazing. It was like a behind the scenes tour of all the footage that was coming out of Maui that I had already seen, yet the footage still seemed fresh with the back story and the interviews complimenting it. I must admit some of the stories did seem a bit contrived or over the top. But personally one of my favourites surf movies to come out since Bustin down the door. Would love to hear your thoughts on it though.

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