093 – Spit! August 6, 2017

August 7, 2017

It’s monumental episode of Spit! For the first time in 3 years of recording together, David and Scott finally go for a surf. The boys recap their session, catch up on the Puerto event, the US Open, Kelly’s wave pool opening to the public Fanning’s Soft Top venture, Dukes and Kooks and much more. Enjoy!

This is actually happening @boardroomshow @david_lee_scales both riding @rogerhindssurfboards

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Ok. I am going to throw my unsolicited opinion around right now because I am fairly disappointed in Scott’s fading octogenarian (a person who is between 80-89 years old) memory in regards to the top 5 defining moments in competitive pro surfing. David gets a pass because he is a millenial and everyone knows that their memories are only as long as Noa Deane’s latest snapchat. Here is my list, maybe it can shake loose some of that golden mental ore that is being pinched in Scott’s memory by that too tight visor:

(not in order of importance)

1. Tom Curren trials to title. The whole damn year is an amazing moment. Search out his win at the Marui pro in japan from that year on youtube. 3 videos document every heat he won to get from trials to win the event. I hope micro is forcing conner coffin to strap on the oculus rift headset and binge this for hours. A true study in how to win heats, build momentum and peak in a final. The fact he repeated this over an entire year cements his Neo in the Matrix understanding of competitive surfing.

2. Dave Parmenter paddling out on a log against webbed up neon Dave Mcaulay in the 88 op pro. Revolutionary theater mocking the charade that pro surfing had become. Woke a generation of kids to the idea that something else was out there, beyond the 3 to the beach bikini contest riot zone. A coincidence that 10 years later those very kids grew up, grew beards and made movies like litmus? I think not.

3. Kelly Slater winning the 1990 Body Glove surfbout – The world was put on notice that everything was about to change. Bud llamas still chafes under the delusion that he won this heat. Not just a changing of the guard, more like a shifting of consciousness. Kind of funny that Curren won his first pro contest at trestles same age as Kelly. Funny.

4. Martin Potters 1989 world title. By his own accord he toned down his surfing to win the title. Setting the stage for legions of mediocre pro’s for generations to come, from Ben Dunn to Adriano he proved that under pro surfings structure boring can win. Sad that surfing’s wild child had to fall so far in his search for legitimacy.

5. Dane Reynolds destroying Parko in the 2010 snapper contest. Dane the destroyer, put his boot on Joel’s neck and defined aggressive radical surfing for at least a decade. Safety swoops versus going for it 100%, I would rather watch Dane’s failures every time. The fact that his 2010 performance would probably score a 10 in todays WSL says something about Dane, and the WSL.

Yours truly.

Fat Occy.



Link to Jake Howard’s article on StabMag.com



Pier Smashes

Bino’s wipeout is at the 8:20 mark

Jadson Andre’s Indo left into and through the pier.


Had a blast trying out my new soft board range. Should be in stores later in the year! ? @juan_medina_jcm

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Scott’s Pick: Julian Wilson’s JBay warm-up sessions.

David’s Pick: Mason Ho’s shorebreak session at Cylinders.


Pete Mel for going from the commentary booth to a massive Puerto pit.


Ray and Jackson Travers for their senseless violence and murder of 68 year old homeless man, Peter Hoffman.


  • Ryan Lowe

    Good day gentleman. a few quick points from a listener from around episode 20 something… 1. Love the show… As a weekend commuter to surf (that’s every weekend. I avg at least 3 waves 130 days a year) This is my foundation podcast. It is the one I save and look forward to. ok a little long winded but thought i should add a little background… #2. WAVES are the stars…Yes Scott 100% when j bay was firing I watched as much as I could regardless… when Teahupoo was sloppy I only watch my favorites. #3 totally cool with cutting down to a top 20 #4 after my recent trip and realizing I could be the 2017 barrel riders anonymous spokesman Im saying stand up barrels or monumental airs get a 10. It seems that from time to time judging goes down to meet wave quality and sometimes the 10 early on should have been 9s buy the end of the contest. Is it 100% magazine/edit worthy IMO even pig dogging should not be a 10 unless 12′ plus lol. Now just a little rant… I think the surf film at a venue is my new love. after being so watered down with edits I heard scott hit the nail on the head A. do I even want to watch this I already know what this is and B. the kids today will never know what its like to wait for a magazine… man that hit me in the car but I knew that’s why I have been uping my attendance at surf screenings Im literally creating my own anticipation much like waiting for that mag. (David I hope I used literally in its proper forum lol) and I find I enjoy the features more even if the surfing is not as monumental. really I just wrote this to say thanks and Im listening… So Thank You guys 🙂

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